Primary Years Programme

The aim of teaching the PYP is to develop internationally minded people, who will actively choose to be w... Read more

Mission Statement

We communicate across cultures, using music to form strong bonds. That is why we offer an exciting music ... Read more

Diploma Programme

The IB Diploma Programme is designed for students aged 16-19. It is a unique curriculum, not based on the... Read more

Middle Years Programme

The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP), designed for students aged 11-16 provides ... Read more

How to apply

ISUtrecht is an IB World School and has an enrollment of over 600 primary and secondary students. ... Read more

11 April 2019

Love yourself for who you are

Maria (grade 12) gave a beautiful and poignant speech to mark the official opening of the DP Art Exhibiti... Read more

11 April 2019

The beauty of your mother tongue

Not only are children cognitively prepared to learn more than one language at a time, they also have the ... Read more


  1. May break

    April 19 - May 3
  2. Start DP2 Examinations

    May 3
  3. DP2 examinations

    May 6 - May 10
  4. DP2 examinations

    May 13 - May 17
  5. DP2 examinations

    May 20 - May 23