Utrecht community

The Utrecht International Centre is here to help.

Moving to another country is absolutely great and completely terrifying at the same time. However you feel, confused, elated, worried or ecstatic, you are not alone. We are a proud partner of the Utrecht International Centre (UIC) which can not only help you with the formalities, but can also give you advice on how to find a place to live to, where to go for swimming lessons, or how to register your family with a GP.

The Utrecht International Centre

The Utrecht International Centre (UIC) information desk is located in the Stadskantoor, which can be found near the west exit of Utrecht Central Station at the Stadsplateau 1.

The desk is open 5 days a week and you can just walk in an ask your questions. The UIC also helps out with your residents permit/visa and registration with the municipality. Last, but not least, the IWC organises a host of networking, social and information events.

The expat community in Utrecht

To help you connect with like minded internationals, or help you find some much needed information, we made a list of useful organisations, expat groups, expat information and much more.