School holidays & exceptional leave

At ISU we follow the Dutch school holidays.

There are strict guidelines for granting permission for extra leave outside the 12-week holiday period. Throughout the school year there are a number of professional development days for staff. On these days the school is closed. Students who normally go the after school care (BSO) will be welcome at the BSO all day on study days.

School holidays 2023-2024

  • First Day of Term: Thursday 24 August
  • Autumn Break: Saturday 14 - Sunday 22 October
  • Winter Break: Thursday 21 December 13:00 - Sunday 7 January
  • Spring Break: Saturday 17 February - Sunday 25 February
  • Easter Weekend: Friday 29 March - Monday 1 April
  • May Break: Saturday 27 April - Sunday 12 May (including Ascension/Hemelvaart)
  • Whitsun/Pinksteren: Monday 20 May
  • Summer Holiday: Friday 12 July - Tuesday 27 August

Professional development days for staff

  • Monday 25 September
  • Friday 24 November
  • Wednesday 13 December - Only primary
  • Monday 8 January
  • Thursday 28 March
  • Tuesday 21 May
  • Wednesday 19 June

Please note that there are no classes on the professional development days for staff.

School holidays 2024-2025

  • First Day of Term: Wednesday 28 August
  • Autumn Break: Saturday 26 October - Sunday 3 November
  • Winter Break: Thursday 19 December 13:00 - Sunday 5 January
  • Spring Break: Saturday 22 February - Sunday 2 March
  • Easter Weekend:  Monday 21 April
  • May Break: Tuesday  22 April - Monday 5 May
  • Ascension/Hemelvaart: Thursday 29 and Friday 30 May
  • Whitsun/Pinksteren: Monday 9 June
  • Summer Holiday: Saturday 19 July - Tuesday 2 September

* Professional development days for staff will be added at a later date.

Exceptional leave

In accordance with the Compulsory Education Act, leave outside of the school holidays is not allowed. Parents must plan holidays and special events during the official school holidays which are always published on the school calendar. Only in very significant circumstances are we able to grant exceptional leave.

An ’exceptional leave form’ will be given to parents at the welcome desk, if the conditions are fulfilled. Please be aware the request should be made at least 4 weeks in advance of the requested dates. For further information, please view the municipality website Leerplicht page. Should parents take their children out of school without permission, the school has the legal obligation to report this to the Leerplicht Ambtenaar (School Attendance officer), who, in most cases takes legal action.