We teach the IB programmes.

At ISU we have chosen to teach the International Baccalaureate programmes, as we believe in their educational philosophy. It is a student-centred, inquiry based approach to teaching and learning which gives our students agency. This means that students are actively involved in their own education and in the school community. 

A close-knit community
All age groups in one building
Flexible learning spaces
Voice, choice and ownership

Dutch context

International School Utrecht is a state funded Dutch International School. This means we are part of two Dutch school boards, SPOUtrecht for primary and NUOVO for secondary. Our staff and students join their Dutch peers during projects and events organised by our school boards. ISU participates in municipal and regional events, such as sports competitions (school voetbal, school schaken) and celebrations such as the Avond Vierdaagse and Utrecht Pride. We also visit museums, exhibitions, concerts and local businesses in the area. Many after school activities in the Netherlands are organised by local clubs. While some activities are also organised by the school, we encourage our students to join these local sports clubs or cultural activities within their own neighbourhoods. A bike is the common mode of transport in the Netherlands. Most parents and children cycle to school. It is common practice for older students to cycle during an excursion or overnight trip.

We offer an inclusive

At ISU we believe that students have a right to education that enables them to make progress, become confident individuals making a successful transition into adulthood. IB programmes are designed to ensure inclusivity and equitability allowing all IB learners to have equal opportunities.

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