Language acquisition

A multilingual approach.

At ISU we recognise the importance and richness of all the languages in our multilingual community. We believe that the acquisition and development of more than one language enriches intellectual and personal growth and nurtures international mindedness. It is through the acquisition of new languages and development of home languages, both at home and at school, that students develop a life-long interest in languages as well as a deeper sense of self and identity.

Language of Instruction

At ISU, the language of instruction is English, however we create an awareness of trans-linguistic connections so that each student is able to access the curriculum. All classes are taught in English, except the primary and secondary Dutch Language Acquisition and secondary Spanish Language Acquisition classes.

Students new to English

Many of our students are not native English speakers upon arrival. To ensure all students can benefit from the programme, the school makes provision for students whose first language is not English. Our teachers are trained to help our students adjust to their new environment. Older students from grade 9 and above will need to demonstrate they have sufficient English to be able to access the curriculum. All English Language Acquisition students attend an English immersion programme which aims to develop the academic language proficiency required for success in school. 

Home Language Clubs

In addition to our language-rich curriculum, we encourage and facilitate Home Language Clubs which we organise through parents. We also celebrate events such as Home Languages Week - a week of multilingual activities across the school.