Temporary campus at Utrecht Papendorp.

We are housed in a temporary school building at the Van Deventerlaan 1 in Utrecht Papendorp. This 2-storey building has room for 1200 students. At the back of the school, you can find a large temporary sports hall, which is used by both primary and secondary students. 

Space to meet and mingle

The building in the shape of an 8 wraps around two courtyards

One of these courtyards is meant for primary students and one for secondary students. These are communal spaces where we can meet and mingle. The school has a large Aula, which we use for break times, assemblies, performances, parent information meetings and celebrations. The building is equipped with science labs, design rooms, music, drama and visual arts rooms for both primary and secondary students and a dedicated primary and secondary library. Our school canteen is the domain of catering company Van Leeuwen that offers sandwiches, drinks and snacks to students and staff.

After school care (BSO in Dutch) is offered in school by childcare organisation Kind & Co. The building is also used for after school activities offerend by both ISU and Kind & Co. Students can also have private instrumental music lessons after school or join a Home Language Club.

Permanent campus at Utrecht Science Park

The school will be housed at Utrecht Papendorp until the move to our permanent campus on the Cambridgelaan at Utrecht Science Park in 2026. This purpose built ISU campus will accommodate 1200 students.