Creating a positive and supportive environment for all students.

At ISU we believe that students have a right to education that enables them to make progress, become confident individuals making a successful transition into adulthood. IB programmes are designed to ensure inclusivity and equitability allowing all IB learners to have equal opportunities.

Our inclusive approach

In our diverse and dynamic school community, we welcome differences between the students.

Students are more likely to thrive and achieve academic success when they experience a sense of belonging, well-being and can form strong relationships in school. Achieving this is a shared responsibility in our school.

Teaching, learning & well-being

Our approach to teaching and learning helps build a sense of community and provides each student with consistent support and guidance. To proactively address the academic, behavioural and social-emotional needs of the students, our school also provides additional support.

Our school counsellors provide individual and group support to our students and their families. Learning support services are offered through the inclusion team and include where possible early intervention strategies. Our inclusion specialists offer consultation with teachers, observation, in-class support, small group support and where needed, individual academic support. For more information, please view our inclusion policy.

Language acquisition

Our multilingual approach is very much part of our vision on inclusion. To find out more, please view the language acquisition page.

Community Partners

As a school that is partly funded and supported by the Dutch government, ISU is a member of two regional support networks (samenwerkingsverbanden) in Utrecht. For Primary we are a member of Samenwerkingsverband Primair Onderwijs Utrecht and for Secondary we are a member of Sterk VO. Both networks advise on and arrange support for students with additional educational needs. For matters related to the health of our students, we have a school doctor and nurse appointed by the municipality of Utrecht. Depending on the needs of the student and the family, ISU also works closely together with the Attendance officer (Leerplicht ambtenaar) and our local social care team (Buurtteam).