PYP Exhibition 2024


Always a highlight of the school year; the proud moment when our Grade 5's present their exhibition project to their peers and teachers, to the younger primary students and their parents. This year we could fit the complete exhibition into one of the new gym halls, which was lovely. You could see the breadth and depth of our Grade 5's thinking almost in a single glance. 

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications advisor

As always there was a baffling array of interests and passions on display. A by no means extensive list of this year's topics: Gymnastics, Basketball, Robotics, Jet engines, The melting of the ice caps, Veganism, Meteors, Football, Skating & roller blading, Video games, The Myers Briggs personality type indicator, The laws of science, Dance, Teddy bears, Colour analysis, Artificial Intelligence, European history, Asian history, Light pollution, Climate change, Humanoid robots, Country music and Genetics.

Please take a look at the pictures displaying our proud and enthusiastic students!