Junior Wiskunde Olympiade


This year 95,533 students in the Netherlands participated as “individuals” in the Kangaroo competition. ISU again took part, and this year 4 of our students qualified for the second round of the competition held by the Junior Wiskunde Olympiade (JWO). On June 22 – Chetan (Grade 7), Rafael (Grade 7), Aarna (Grade 7), and Nishaaz (Grade 8) traveled to the Vrije Universeiteit in Amsterdam to challenge their minds while having fun as they navigated interesting and demanding logic problems. Let’s hear from them how the day went!

By Chetan, Rafael, Aarna and Nishaaz (students Grade 7 and Grade 8)

'I was very excited because I had my second round of kangaroo. After I got there I had to register to go in. After I registered they gave me a sheet with the seat that I had to sit in and 2 questions. Me and Rafael tried solving the questions together . At 11:30 there was a meeting for all the contestants and we got a presentation. After that we had the first part of the test which was hard.' -Chetan

'I found these questions a bit more comprehensible'

'The JWO organisation provided lunch for us, and while we ate, we discussed  the first test. While reading the ingredient labels of the soft drinks, we learned there was a ridiculous amount of sugar in each drink. After 45 minutes for lunch, it was time for test 2. This time, there weren't any options from multiple choice. We had to figure out the answer on our own. As I went through the questions, I was determined to answer as many as possible correctly. Surprisingly, I found these questions a bit more comprehensible. When our time was up after 45 minutes, I felt confident that I had answered most of the 8 questions correctly.' - Rafael

'After finishing both of the tests, JWO organised some wonderful activities. One of the activities included cutting the cards in the edges and putting them together to form a 3d shape with regular side surfaces. This was particularly challenging as the cards kept on slipping apart when we tried to piece them together. Apart from this, we had various worksheets that encouraged creative thinking and were quite engaging. These worksheets included puzzles, brainstorming exercises, and problem-solving tasks that made us think logically. Adding onto this, these exercises helped us to approach challenges from different ways. The combination of activities and challenges made them engaging and enjoyable for all of us.' - Aarna

'I am ready to face it and have fun on the way'

'As some of you may already know, I qualified for JWO last year as well as this year, and this year went a lot better for me. I think this is because my preparation was better because I checked previous year's tests from the JWO and revised them. I enjoyed this year much more and was far more relaxed because of the other people that joined me from ISU, because that changed the atmosphere completely. My advice to those who want to do well in the JWO is that even if you don't do well in the 1st round of the JWO, don't back down as you can still win it from the 2nd one. By winning the JWO, I have a wildcard for the nationals. I know that it will be tough, but I am ready to face it and have fun on the way.' - Nishaaz

ISU is grateful for opportunities like the Kangaroo competition and the JWO and happy to support our students in these endeavours. We are cheering you on, Nishaaz, as you prepare for September’s final found!