School Life


The main campus of International School Utrecht can be found at Van Bijnkershoeklaan 8, which is easily reached by bike, public transport, or car.

This semi-permanent building houses all primary students. Secondary students also use this building for music, design and language classes. The grade 10’s have their own study lounge at the main campus. Secondary students from grade 6-9 have most of their lessons at the secondary annex on the Grebbeberglaan, which is a few doors down from the main campus. Diploma students (grade 11-12) have their own classrooms and study lounge at the Pionier, a building adjacent to the main campus. Secondary students at ISUtrecht walk between buildings to attend their lessons.

Main campus

The heart of the main campus is the aula which is overlooked from the first floor. This space is used for assemblies, social events, parent evenings and concerts. Adjacent to the aula is the media centre, used by all students, to read, do research, have a lesson or play chess after school. This building further offers two music rooms, a design studio and an early years playroom.

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Early Years have their own fenced off playground at the back of the main campus. They also have their own garden to grow fruit and vegetables, accessible from their classrooms. Older primary children can choose to play on the paved primary playground, or walk around the building to access the playing field and football cage that we share with neighbouring secondary school UniC.

Secondary annex

The annex at the Grebbeberglaan offers secondary students spacious classrooms, a large visual arts workroom, a drama studio and two science labs. Students have the use of a kitchen and lunchroom, as well as a number of self-study spaces. A catering company sells healthy sandwiches, salads and snacks to students and staff from the annex.

The Pionier

ISUtrecht uses four classrooms and a large study lounge in an office building around the back of the main campus. Diploma students (grade 11-12) have their own study lounge and kitchen in this building.

Permanent campus

The school is in the process of securing a long-term permanent location, housing 1200 students, at the Cambridgelaan on the Utrecht Science Park. At present, it looks like this campus should be finished at the start of the 2026-2027 academic year.

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