School Life


Further easing of the rules which were announced during the latest press conference means that students are now only advised to do a self-test, if they are feeling unwell. Self-tests remain available at school until the start of the summer holidays. Please note that from 11 April, it is no longer required to go for an official PCR test (at the GGD) after a positive self-test. It is still important that you follow the quarantining rules.

Quarantine and Isolation

For the most recent self-isolation and quarantine rules and to get personal advice based on your situation, visit:

Should you test positive for Covid-19, you should quarantine for a minimum of 5 days. If after 5 days, you have been symptom-free for 24 hours, you can leave the house again. If you have tested positive and have symptoms of COVID-19, the self-isolation period begins from the time you developed symptoms. If you test positive but do not have symptoms, the period starts on the test date.

What will stay the same

  • If students are suffering from (mild) cold symptoms, they can come to school IF they have done a self-test before coming to school which is negative. It is strongly advised that students who suffer from mild cold symptoms do a self-test every morning before coming to school.
  • Basic hygiene rules will stay in place (frequent hand washing, cough/sneeze in your elbow etc).
  • Ventilation remains important, to stop the spread of the coronavirus

Making an appointment to get tested & DigiD

Please note that from 11 April you are no longer required to go for an official PCR test (at the GGD) after a positive self-test. Should you, however, wish to have an official PCR test result, a child’s parent/carer or secondary student should call 0800 1202 or go online to to make an appointment. Please note that you will need to provide your (child’s) BSN number.

DigiD (short for Digital Identification) is a form of online ID that allows you to access many services and government websites in the Netherlands. It’s like a digital version of your passport. The DigiD consists of a username and password that are linked to your personal public service number (BSN). A parent or carer can apply for a DigiD for a child under 14. Teenagers aged 14 and over can apply for a DigiD themselves. If you are new to the Netherlands your whole family can apply as soon as you receive your BSN numbers. It takes 3 working days for a DigiD application to be processed. So make sure you apply in time by clicking on this link.

Keeping the community safe

Please make sure you inform the school of a Covid-19 case in your household, via


As you know the ventilation systems in the main building and Pionier were always in line with the newest guidelines. We are now pleased to inform you that we have now invested in a new ventilation system for the Annex. This system works to a high standard. Naturally we will continue to open windows and doors regularly in all three buildings.

Continuation of Learning

Please familiarise yourself with the ISUtrecht Continuation of Learning Plan.