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The GGD (local health authority), is responsible for guiding schools and students to stay safe. This school website page provides information translated from Dutch local health authorities (GGD) and national guidelines. 

Secondary students

The measures to stop the spread of Covid-19 will change significantly from 25 September. For schools this means that staff members and secondary students will no longer need to wear face masks, and the requirement for social distancing will officially come to an end. The only measure that will remain in place is preventive testing twice a week for non-vaccinated staff and secondary students. We do, however encourage staff and students to be sensible and keep their distance as much as possible, until we know if and how the relaxation of the rules will impact schools.

Primary students

As of Monday 20 September, primary classes no longer need to be sent home to quarantine when a member of the class tests positive for Covid-19. Children will no longer be strongly advised to be tested when they have a cold, meaning that students who have a cold can come to school.

Keeping the community safe

Please note that although most Covid-19 measures expire on 25 September, what remains the same is that if you have Covid-19 you will still need to quarantine. If you suspect you have Covid-19 (you have a fever/shortness of breath/sudden loss of taste or smell) you still get yourself tested and stay home until you receive a negative test result. The school will, as always, follow the advice from the GGD (local health authorities) should there be a Covid-19 case in school. Please make sure you inform the school of a Covid-19 case in your household.

Please be aware that in accordance with new guidelines there is no longer the need for fully protected students to quarantine after close contact with a person who tested positive. For more information, please view the government page on self-quarantining.

School trips

It is good news that students can once again go on overnight trips and excursions within the Netherlands, as well as one day trips abroad. For now, in line with all the NUOVO schools, we will not yet be organising overnight trips abroad until the beginning of 2022, and hope to review this as soon as this becomes possible.

Activities in school

In principle, schools are allowed once again  to organise activities within the school. However, we are keen to do this step by step and to first wait and see the effects of the current changes. We will be inviting  parents into school again for coffee mornings, information meetings and parent evenings. We will wait a little longer before we start organising parties, discos, and other student social events in school.

Inform the school of Covid-19 in your household

Please inform the school asap should your child(ren) or any other member of your household test positive for covid-19. Please also inform us when anyone else in your family tests positive after you have already been self-quarantining. For example, when mum tests positive on Monday and the child stays home but then tests positive on Thursday it is still really important that you inform us of this latter positive test asap. As a school we will inform you of any Covid-19 cases that directly affect our community. We will continue to be GDPR compliant in our communications. For more information, please view the Covid-19 communication agreement .

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