Youth Health

Utrecht’s Youth Health Care department (JGZ) of the Public Health Service Utrecht (GGD) monitors the health, growth and development of children aged from 0 to 18 years old. It provides preventative health check-ups, vaccinations and information meetings to all children and their parents/guardians in Utrecht.

You can always contact the JGZ for help or to answer any questions you may have regarding the development, health, parenting or well-being of your child. Where necessary they can help and/or refer you to the right care provider.

The JGZ provides preventative health care. They do not diagnose and treat childhood illnesses or other health problems. For (immediate) medical advice, please always contact your GP.

ISUtrecht inclusion team and community partners

The ISUtrecht has an inclusion team, consisting of a school psychologist and several primary and secondary student support specialists. The team works closely together with the primary classroom teachers and secondary mentors. They also work with a number of local community partners providing support to children and young adults. To find out more about the inclusion team, the community partners and who to contact should you have any concerns, please refer to the student support page on the school website. Here you will also find a list of helplines for both students and parents.

Upon arrival in the Netherlands

When you first arrive in the Netherlands you will receive a welcome letter from the JGZ and be invited to participate in the youth health care programme.

The JGZ also offers and administers the national immunisation program. The JGZ will call you to explain this programme and arrange,when necessary, follow up meetings.

The RIVM is the organization in the Netherlands that registers the vaccinations for every child. When you first arrive, you will receive a letter from the RIVM asking you to send a copy of already received vaccinations.

Please send this to the following address:

DVP West

Postbus 654

2700 AR, Zoetermeer

For any questions regarding the national immunisation program, please contact the RIVM via phone on 088 678 89 30 or e-mail

Children 0-4 years old

When your children are aged 0 to 4 years old, you will automatically receive invitations for your child´s follow-up health checks and vaccinations.

Together with your child, you will visit your local youth health care centre. A youth health nurse or doctor will discuss your child’s development and do a physical check-up. You can ask any questions you may have about care, parenting, health and development.

Additionally, your child will be vaccinated in accordance with the national immunisation programme.

Children and teenagers 4-18 years old

When your child is 5 years old (KG) and when your child is in grade 3 they will have a healthcare check-up at school. A JGZ assistant visits the school to measure and weigh the children and test their hearing and eyesight. You will receive an invitation for a follow-up with the school nurse. 

The final health checks take place in grade 8 and grade 10 (when your child is around 14 and 16 years old).

Contact and advice

The following staff from the JGZ is connected to ISUtrecht:

  • School Doctor Primary: Csilla de Knijf
  • School Doctor Secondary: Yillie Ju
  • School Nurse: Nettie Verweij

If you have a question, you can call JGZ on weekdays between 8:30-17:00 at 030-286 33 00. A nurse will call you back within 48 hours.

You can also visit for more information.