After School Care (BSO)

The out-of-school care (In Dutch this is called BSO) for ISUtrecht students is facilitated by our partner: childcare organisation KMN Kind&Co. They run after school club Anne Frank for children aged 4-7 and after school club Dodgers for children aged 8-12.

BSO Anne Frank is located in the Anne Frank primary school just up the road from the ISUtrecht. BSO Dodgers is located at base- and softball association Domstad Dodgers, just around the corner from the ISUtrecht on the Admiraal Helfrichlaan. Kind&Co staff members pick up the children from the ISUtrecht and walk with them to their BSO. The BSO starts as soon as school is finished, and we close at 18.30. During study days and vacations we are opened from 7.30 until 18.30. Please find all contact information below.

Childcare 0-4yrs

Kind&Co also offers childcare to babies and toddlers (0-4yrs) in various crèches or daycare centers (in Dutch this is called a kinderdagverblijf) throughout the city. Please find all contact information below.


Kind&Co also offers after school activities such as, arts and crafts, engineering and different sports every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. These after school activities are invoiced separately. A new schedule of activities is introduced twice a year (October and February) via the ISUtrecht school app. When your son/daughter is attending the BSO and has also subscribed for the after school activities we will make sure that he/she is being dropped off at and picked up from the activity. ISUtrecht students who don’t go to the BSO, can also join in with the after school activities organised by Kind&Co. For more information on all after school activities on offer at the ISUtrecht, please also view our activities page.


The contact person for Kind & Co is Tara Koot. To check availability for your child(ren), please contact

If you have questions about after school care or would like to book a tour of one of the after school,  please check the website for after school club Anne Frank (for children aged 4-7) or Dodgers (for children aged 7-12).