The ISUtrecht is located in the Transwijk area, west of the Utrecht city centre. The main campus can be found at the Van Bijnkershoeklaan 8.

The school is in the process of securing a long-term permanent location at the Cambridgelaan on the Utrecht Science Park. At present, it looks like we will be able to start building the permanent location in January 2021. The new campus should be finished in 2023. To be able to accommodate more students at our current building, we’ve recently openened the new Block, containing 10 extra classrooms.


The school will keep growing towards 1200 students, planned for the permanent location. With the addition of the Block, we have sufficient space for the 2020-2021 new academic year, but we will have to find a suitable solution for the years leading up to the move into the permanent building. There is no more room to expand the current premises and the only solution will be to make a temporary move to another location. The school is in the final stages of securing a temporary site for 1200 students in Papendorp, close to our current building. We hope to share more details with you this autumn. The plan is to move to Papendorp in August 2021.

Permanent building

We are very pleased to present you with the impressions of our permanent school building, designed by a consortium led by architect Gideon de Jong from SVP Architectuur en Stedenbouw and Marcel Blom from Cross Architecture.

The design was recently finalised. At the heart of the new building there will be great spaces for music, dance, drama and visual arts, something that is really important to our school community. The younger students will enter the building at the ground floor, finding cosy, enclosed learning spaces and outside play areas. This level will also house a Kind&Co nursery. The older students will enter the building on the first floor to find their grade level classrooms and shared spaces, as well as a library, maker spaces, school cafetaria, gym courts, outdoor terraces and a theatre. The school will have its own sports fields and multiple play areas.

Virtual reality tour

The architects commissioned two films in which you will be taken on a virtual reality tour of the new building. They also take the time to explain the thought process behind their vision on our permanent campus.

Dutch clip with English subtitels giving an in-depth view on the new campus

Shorter English clip geared towards (prospective) students.


To fully appreciate the importance of this moment, we would like to take you on a short tour of the history of the ISUtrecht.

How to reach the ISUtrecht

From Utrecht Central Station the school can be easily reached either by bus, tram, or bike. (To plan your trip using public transport, please view the ov planner.) |The school can also be reached by car and you will be able to find free on street parking in the vicinity of the school.