Governance & Partnerships

nuovo-logospouISUtrecht is governed by two cooperating local school boards: SPO Utrecht (Stichting Openbaar Primair Onderwijs Utrecht) and NUOVO (Stichting Openbaar Voortgezet Onderwijs Utrecht). SPO Utrecht is the board for 32 non-denominational primary schools in Utrecht and NUOVO is the board for 8 non-denominational secondary schools in and around Utrecht. The SPO Utrecht and NUOVO work together closely in carrying out their board responsibilities for the two divisions of ISUtrecht


ISUtrecht has a strong cooperation with a Dutch ‘sister’ school – members of the Dutch International Schools are all affiliated to a national school. For primary, ISUtrecht is proud to be partners with the Daltonschool Rijnsweerd and for secondary, with UniC secondary school.

The Dutch Inspection

The Dutch Inspection (Nederlandse Onderwijsinspectie) visited the primary department of the ISUtrecht in April 2016. The inspection visit resulted in a very positive report (only available in Dutch).