The first very ISU Model United Nations conference


Teja, Emilie (students DP1) and their friends decided it was time for our own Model United Nations conference. 'We wanted to share the MUN experience with some of the younger grades at ISU and wanted to host it at our own school to make it easier for students to participate.'

By Roderick Lord, student grade 10, picture of the ISU MUN delegation in Rome

After participating in a couple of MUN conferences across the Netherlands, a group of students participated in a Model United Nations conference in Rome, Italy during the Spring Break. 'We wanted to go to Rome because it seemed like an incredible opportunity for us to not only to get to know people but to also experience a MUN abroad', say Teja and Emilie. 'It was an amazing experience where we learned a lot about different types of MUNs and of course, we got to explore Rome and its food as well'.

Our students did very well with Rachel (grade 10) winning best delegate, Chiara (grade 10) winning outstanding delegate and Emilie (DP1) winning honourable delegate.

Model United Nations

MUN, also known as Model United Nations, is an exciting academic simulation that lets students step into the shoes of delegates from countries around the world as they work together to solve real-world issues. Think of it as a high-stakes game of diplomacy and problem-solving that challenges students to think critically, communicate effectively, and collaborate with others to find solutions to global challenges. For example, a student might be tasked with representing the United Kingdom and solving the issue of climate change. To do this, they would need to research the country's unique perspective on the issue, research the latest data and trends, and propose innovative solutions that would benefit the UK and the world at large. 

Participating in MUN is not only an impressive addition to any university application, but it also helps students develop valuable skills in communication, negotiation, and critical thinking. By stepping into the shoes of diplomats and debating complex issues with other delegates, students gain a deeper understanding of the world around them and learn how to think creatively and strategically when faced with tough challenges.


During the weekend of 20 and 21 April, Teja & Emilie are hosting the very first ISUMUN. 73 students are signed up to participate. 'This MUN is set up as a beginner conference providing training for the delegates, preparing them to participate in more serious MUN conferences", the girls say. 'That is why, this first time, we did not invite any other schools to participate. Going forward, we would love to expand on this first MUN next year, making it bigger and better every year.'