Superpowered somebody!


A moment of silence as the audience watches the guests display the inner workings of their superpowers. Objects changing before our eyes. Time stopping. Going back in time and into the future and back to the present. Fascinating. Memorable. Scary. Fun.The Grade 8's had the pleasure of meeting different superheroes and villains in The Superpower Talk Show.

By Natasha Bambo, secondary Drama Teacher

An experience set up to explore the drama tool kit: character, props, consumes, lighting, sound effects and more. An experience that put some of drama’s superpowers under the spotlight: helping a group get to know each other, connect, trust each other, explore creativity, and collaborate.

'If I had a superpower, it would be' 

It started off with the statement “If I had a superpower, it would be…” From there questions were asked of the Grade 8's to help them invest in their creations. They then had the choice to present their superpowered humans to the class. Those interested became the guests in a talk show. Those who did not want to share about their creations became the audience, security, camera, and sound people supporting the host.

It turned out to be a lesson where the students could bond with each other as they all played roles that helped make the superpowers come to life. Like when a guest got the audience to freeze. The host (the teacher) was amazed to see an audience completely still and unresponsive. No blinking, no moving, nothing. Then a snap of his fingers and bam, the audience was unfrozen. “How did you do this sir?” “It’s just my superpower. I was born this way.” A lovely example of an unspoken agreement and working together as a class.