Mathematics learning in PYP


All primary teachers attended professional development workshops about Numicon Online, a programme that helps to make mathematical concepts and relationships more visual. Primary mathematics specialist Tayla Zondagh also tells you about two new programmes, Mathseeds and Mathletics, she will implement next academic year. She also already looks forward to continuing her collaboration with parents next year.

By Tayla Zondagh, classroom teacher and primary mathematics specialist

This school year, we hosted two valuable parent sessions where we discussed important maths topics. The first session focused on various concepts, strategies, and maths strands. During the second session, students showcased different strategies for the four fundamental operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We also delved into resources, assessment, and the distinction between procedural and conceptual understanding. We sincerely thank all the parents who actively participated in these sessions. We are excited to inform you that more sessions will be organised for the upcoming academic year. Please keep an eye out for information on the school app regarding the sessions.

Workshops Numicon Online

On 23 and 30 May our classroom teachers engaged in Numicon Online professional development sessions. These sessions emphasised making mathematical concepts and relationships more visual as you can see in the examples below.

This resource will be used in the classroom and will play a valuable role in enhancing students' number sense. The aim is to aid students with generalising concepts and support subject-specific learning as it progresses through the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach (see image below).

Mathseeds & Mathletics

In the next academic year, we plan to implement Mathseeds and Mathletics. In grade 1, students can make clear measurable progress through Mathseeds’ learning pathways, and then move onto Mathletics from grade 3 if this best suits the students’ needs. These programs will reinforce learning and will be used as a resourse for home learning. More information about these programs will be given next academic year.

We want to express our gratitude for your support. Your involvement in your child's education is truly valued, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration next year. Thank you for being an integral part of our school community.

You can find a picture of the Mathseeds dashboard in the header picture and a picture of the Mathletics dashboard below: