ISU Running Group


ISU running group is about so much more than just running. It is a really nice way to get to know other parents. 'We talk about everything we encounter in daily life as expats in the Netherlands, having kids at the International School Utrecht'.

By Dafne Wesenaar, school parent

Since September 2022 ISU parents have been going out for a run once a week. These runs of about 5 to 7 km take place alternately on Thursday and Friday mornings starting at school or at Ledig Erf in Utrecht city center. It is of course more than just running. We chat and have coffee after the run. Occasionally we join a running event as you can see in the picture above!

How it all started

School parent Dafne Wesenaar started the runs: “When we were living in Singapore I joined  a very nice running group. Moving back to Utrecht I was looking for  something similar, but I couldn’t find a group that runs on weekday mornings. Besides, I wanted to get in touch with the international community in Utrecht and was looking for ways to connect to other ISU parents. In starting the ISU running group it all came together.”

How to join

If you  are a school parent and want to join the running group or just try out a run you can get in touch with Dafne Wesenaar. Please find her contact details in the school app. Would you prefer to run in the afternoons, evenings, or weekends? We are open to new ideas. As long as we have enough people joining, everything can be organised. After all, it is only a matter of  getting together and run!