Home Languages Week


The last week before the spring break we are traditionally  celebrating Home Languages Week and this event just gets bigger and better every year!

Primary students were exposed to so many languages this week. They were either read to in the library, receiving some older students talking about their home language, writing poems in various languages and being taught music and PHE in different languages. The students also got the opportunity to dress up in costumes representing their language and culture. In the middle of the week we had another dress up day where everyone was encouraged to wear a sports jersey representing the team they support. Primary students also created a special Home Languages Week podcast. Older students could listen to a fun language presentation by one of our staff members and the grade 8's took part in a workshop by guest speaker Yoshito Darmon-Shimaori who explained how to turn multilingualism into a super power!  Mr Darmon-Shimaori also led a staff workshop on translanguaging. After the spring break we will show you HLW, the movie. For now, please enjoy some pictures.