DP Shadow Week through the lens of Roderick


Partaking in DP Shadow Week allowed students to explore subjects that they might want to take in DP giving an idea of what the classes are like in DP. Shadow Week was a fun and intriguing experience for many that helped clarify what they wanted to do in DP.

By Roderick, student grade 10; picture grade 10 students at the Personal Project Exhibition

During Shadow Week Grade 10 students are allowed to select 3 DP classes that they would like to go to. After looking at the numbers for each class, the students are then given 2 of the 3 classes they picked. For those classes they then join the DP students. Shadow Week is important because this will allow students who may be uncertain on classes that they want to take to try out the classes that they are uncertain on to see if they want to take it. Students not only get an idea on the difficulty of the class, but also on the curriculum taught and how the class differs from grade 10 classes. Below are some quotes from students in grade 10 on their Shadow Week experience.

"It was an intriguing experience to gain valuable knowledge as to how the syllabus changes in DP, and we got to ask DP students what to do to keep up with the workload",Arya 10P (took Mathematics AA HL & Physics HL).

Mixed opinions

"I have had mixed opinions on the DP Shadow Week, I believe that there were definite advantages to the lessons that we had, it helped me decide which subject I wanted to pick. Whilst at the same time with one of my classes I felt like I was just sitting there doing nothing",Coltrane 10Y (took Chemistry HL & Biology HL)

"As a 10th-grade student, contemplating the future and deciding on my DP subject choices is quite daunting. The Shadow Week provided me with an opportunity to gain insight into the DP experience and attend classes in Math AA HL and Physics HL, the subjects I intend to choose. I found this week to be extremely valuable as it assisted me in deciding between HL subjects and allowed me to talk with DP students, learning about their personal experiences with the chosen subjects.”,Rachel 10Y (took Mathematics AA HL and Physics HL).

Excellent opportunity

I thought that DP shadow week was a really useful experience for me and helped solidify my subject choices, it was a fun opportunity to look into DP classes and get an idea of the curriculum and expectations of these classes. I took Physics HL & Chemistry  HL. In conclusion DP Shadow Week was an excellent opportunity for all grade 10 students to delve into the world of DP and get a rough idea of what their next year will look like.