Dear Professors


It is so refreshing to see all that  you take for granted through an outsider's eyes. Gianluca, a secondary student from Italy who visited International School Utrecht for a week really made us feel more appreciative of our community and the way we teach and learn at our school. Gianluca shadowed his friend and ISU student Giovanni for a week. Please read his beatiful thank you note.

Dear professors*,

It was wonderful for me to attend a week's classes in your school, I have learnt and discovered many things that I will keep within me and that I will bring to my school. My goal was to find something different from my reality and then to transpose it here, in Italy.

I found a beautiful and new infrastructure, full of people of any kind with the same desire to learn; but other than that I found an amazing environment, with friendly people who also helped me with my learning of the English language!

The lessons were awesome, I loved the way the teachers worry about the students: their identity, possible problems the person may have, their feelings and so on.

There are many things that I really liked, that for you may be foregone, but for me are not: the breaks between some classes that make the day more sustainable for a student, the fact that we have to change rooms in order to follow the next class, the availability of the teachers in any occasion (things not even thinkable where I live).

*(translated from Italian)