An exceptional year in the Mathematics department


At International School Utrecht, we firmly believe that a strong foundation in mathematics is key to unlocking endless opportunities for our students' futures. Join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements of our recent graduates and grade 10 students.

By Vangelis Karagiannakis, Subject Area Coordinator & Mathematics teacher

Several of our recent DP graduates did not only excel academically but also went above and beyond in their commitment as IB learners. From securing access to prestigious universities to contributing to meaningful inquiry projects, our graduates have consistently demonstrated their exceptional abilities in the field of mathematics. We would also like to commemorate the remarkable performance of our grade 10 students in last year's e-Assessments in which they consistently achieved scores that surpass international average, setting them on the path to success in the IB Diploma Programme.

Innovative teaching methods

At the heart of our success lies the rich mathematics curriculum. On top of that passionate teachers using innovative teaching methods result in engaging and accessible mathematics lessons for all students. Through hands-on projects, interactive lessons, and real-world applications, we create an environment where students not only grasp mathematical concepts but also develop a deep appreciation for the subject. 

Pilot with Utrecht University

In a quest to further enrich our students' mathematical experience, last academic year our mathematics department, in collaboration with Utrecht University, actively engaged in a pioneering research project entitled: Embodied designs for developing secondary students' functional thinking. The project encompassed a series of three one-hour mathematics lessons in grade 9. These lessons were  aimed at nurturing our students' functional thinking.

During the lesson series we delved into the identification, representation, and recognition of functional rules, employing diverse tools such as nomograms, graphs, and formulas. Our students utilised a set of online learning modules, designed to foster functional thinking through embodied learning. This ground-breaking methodology allowed students to leverage their bodies and senses to 'feel' the input-output dynamics of functions, forging tangible connections between their lived experiences and abstract mathematical concepts. In addition to these immersive experiences, our students also participated in contextual activities, such as exploring light rays and shadow tasks, which further deepened their understanding of functional thinking. This research project offered our students an opportunity to engage with mathematics in an exciting and tangible manner.

Stay connected

During the 2022-2023 school year our students also enthusiastically participated in math competitions, attended enriching workshops, embarked on educational field trips, and were inspired by guest lectures from experts in the field of mathematics.These experiences not only broadened their horizons but also ignited their passion for mathematics, fostering a sense of unity and shared enthusiasm within our math community. We invite you to stay connected with us and look forward to sharing more inspiring stories of success and growth in the world of mathematics.