Adapting an adjusting in PHE lessons


Since the start of the schoolyear, we have asked our students to be flexible and to constantly adjust to their PHE environment. Some classes took place on the school playground, other classes were taught on the football fields near the bridge, and over the last months we used the  nearby ‘hockeydome’ (inflatable sports hall). 

By Jeroen Lamme, PHE teacher and his students from grades 6-7

Now, it is only two weeks left until our new gyms will be ready (see picture). Both teachers and students are looking forward to having their PHE lessons inside, with the accessibility to a wide range of equipment and movement space. In this article, some students from MYP will reflect on their experience of the past year in PHE, but they will also elaborate on what they are looking forward to.

'My experience in PHE is that we had a lot of fun and we learned many things, but it has mainly been focussed on team sports. Which has its benefits, since we are doing more collaborative work, but I am missing the individual sports such as Climbing and Parkour. The hockeydome was warm compared to the football field, we also had enough time to travel to the dome. But sometimes if it rained and we had to wait outside, we got wet. I’m looking forward to having our PHE lessons inside in the new gym, with its new equipment. But I am mostly looking forward to Parkour!' - Aden (6M)

James Bond game

'For me PHE is much better this year, because we are focussing on team sports. It increases teamwork and leadership skills. You are better connecting with people compared to individual sports. The hockeydome was a big space, it could fit two classes. However, it was very cold sometimes, even colder than outside! I am looking forward to the James Bond game’, a fun cooperation game with the whole class, and where we need to use a lot of equipment.' - Sumedh (6M)

'Last year we had PHE in the old school gym. This year in the dome we had more space which was super nice. We had the opportunity in the dome to split up the class more and play more games/activities at the same time. It was also nice that there was some transport arranged to go there and it was nice to have the 2-hour session when we moved to the dome. In this way we had way more time during the PHE lessons to practice the different sports. I’m looking forward to some different sports that we couldn’t practice in the dome or on the football field. Such as practicing summersaults and climbing the ropes.I’m aiming to get a high grade in one of the gymnastics units!' - Tanisha (7U)