A treasure trove of scientific adventures


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Students of all ages are welcomed - once a  week after school - into a world of hands-on experiments, problem-solving challenges, and exciting projects that stretch the boundaries of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Our STEM Club offers a space for students to develop critical skills, foster their love for learning, and inspire each other to dream big.

By Nadia Santos, Science teacher

We dive into the captivating realms of chemistry, biology, physics, and even building our very own droids! In this club, students that are curious about chemical reactions, want to dissect and explore the mysteries of biology, or fancy uncovering the secrets of the universe through physics are welcome to nurture their interests. Projects can vary in length – from single-day delights to weeks-long explorations. Led by passionate teachers and filled with curious minds, this club has become a hub of creativity, exploration, and innovation.

Bridges made out of jellybeans

We recently restarted our STEM Club activities. Due to the great demand we had, with 52 students enrolled before the first session, the club had to be divided into 3 smaller groups with alternating sessions every week. Thus, we only had 3 experiments that included the 3 main science fields. With the first one, we could see how colligative properties can make our daily life more flavourful by making ice cream, we used jellybeans to build bridges, and we made a spookier Halloween with some very creative electric monsters.

But don't just take my word for it; hear what some of our students have to say about their experiences in STEM Club:

“I have a lot of fun in STEM especially when we do tasks like making a gummy based structure and measuring if it is strong or tall" Samit (gr6)

“I like stem club because we always learn something in a fun, and cool new way” Suvansh (gr7)

“STEM has been more fun than I expected, filled with competitions and learning combined!” Varnika (gr9)

'Higher level stuff'

“I really enjoyed the stem club because it is like learning but in a really fun way and we also learn higher level stuff and we always do experiments or competitions, so I would recommend the stem club for learning made easy.”Jeevan (gr7)

“I enjoy the STEM club because what we do there is fun but also educational. Each lesson we do something interesting.” Nazar (gr7)

“I find STEM extremely interesting and fun, I always would wish we have it every day. For the people who are reading this tell you or your children to join STEM !!” Dhruv (gr6)

"I enjoyed the class as she made us use our practical knowledge and I also learned new things.”Srujana (gr9)