Eryn Wiseman

Leader of Primary Years; Classroom Teacher 4 White

Eryn Wiseman is American and grew up moving around the United States fir... Read more

Raakhee Ramaija

Classroom Teacher KG Blue

Raakhee Ramaija grew up in Leicester in England and comes from a Hindu (... Read more

Nicolene Gelderman

Classroom teacher KG Blue and KG Yellow; Teaching Assistant

Nicolene Gelderman grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and has been li... Read more

Oliver Allport

Classroom Teacher KG Green

Born in the medieval market town of Shrewsbury, England, Oliver Allport ... Read more

Dana Hill

Classroom Teacher KG Orange; Teaching Assistant

Dana Hill was born in Leicester in the United Kingdom. She started her t... Read more

Elvira Oskam

Classroom Teacher KG Orange

Elvira Oskam is Dutch. She is a qualified and experienced teacher with a... Read more

Charlotte Smith

Classroom Teacher KG Purple

Charlotte Smith was born in Sydney, Australia. She was raised in Hong Ko... Read more

Brandi Brittain

Classroom Teacher KG Yellow; Early Years Coordinator

Brandi Brittain was born and raised in the state of Texas in the United ... Read more

Ronika Raju

Classroom Teacher 1 Blue

Ronika Raju is from Australia and has a passion for the IB Primary Years... Read more

Remy Sainte-Rose

Classroom teacher 1 Orange

Rémy Sainte-Rose was born and raised in the French Riviera by a family ... Read more

Maria Ballester

Classroom Teacher 1 Red

Maria Ballester was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. She holds a bac... Read more

Kelsey Middleton

Classroom teacher 1 White

Kelsey Middleton was born in Durban, South Africa. From a small girl, Ke... Read more

Oana Dobarcianu

Classroom Teacher 2 Orange

Oana Dobarcianu  is Romanian. She is an experienced teacher, who has be... Read more

Carren Ward

Classroom Teacher 2 Orange, Primary New Teacher Coach

Carren Ward was born and raised in California and has taught at various ... Read more

Gemma Manson

Classroom Teacher 2 Red

Gemma Manson was born in a small city close to Belfast in the North of I... Read more

Kiah Fardell

Classroom Teacher 2 White

With experience studying and working on three different continents, Kiah... Read more

Brian Lynam

Classroom Teacher 3 Blue

Brian Lynam is from Ireland. He initially studied business in university... Read more

Megan Tregoning

Classroom Teacher 3 Red

Megan Tregoning was born and raised in South Africa.  She grew up in th... Read more

Tayla Webb

Classroom Teacher 3 Orange

Tayla Webb was born and raised in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, also... Read more

Debbie Hazlett

Classroom Teacher 3 White; Grades 2-3 Coordinator

Debbie Hazlett was born in Londonderry in the North of Ireland, where sh... Read more

Sherna Fester

Primary Drama; Classroom Teacher 3 White

Sherna Fester is South African. She moved to the Netherlands in 2015 wi... Read more

Amy Ford

Classroom teacher 4 Blue

Amy Ford was born, raised, and educated in the USA. She grew up on a pen... Read more

Jane Durbin

Classroom Teacher 4 Blue

Jane was born, raised and educated in England. She is married and has tw... Read more

Dakota Wilkinson

Classroom Teacher 4 Red; Grades 4-5 Coordinator

Dakota Wilkinson was born, raised and educated in Australia and grew up ... Read more

Charlene Anom

Classroom Teacher 5 Blue and 2 Blue

Charlene Anom was born and grew up in British Columbia, Canada. She comp... Read more

Kris Coorde

Classroom Teacher 5 Blue and 5 White; Computational Thinking

Kris Coorde was born and raised in the Northern part of Belgium, close t... Read more

Javier Parrilla

Paternity cover teacher grade 5 and Teaching Assistant

Javier Parrilla was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, where he also got ... Read more

Mark Gottschalk

Classroom Teacher 5 Red

Mark Gottschalk is an American who grew up moving around the Southern st... Read more

Daniela Musso

Teaching Assistant

Daniela Musso is Dutch with Italian roots. She graduated the PABO at the... Read more

Ana Aguirre

Teaching Assistant

Ana Aguirre grew up in a small town in northern Mexico. She became inter... Read more

Anita Musa

Teaching Assistant

Anita Musa was born and raised in the tropical business hub, city state ... Read more

Iria Asanaki

Teaching Assistant and Computational Thinking

Iria Asanaki was born and raised in Athens, Greece. With a lifelong expe... Read more

Lynne Plank

Teaching Assistant

Lynne Plank was born in Chelmsford,United Kingdom, but moved to South Af... Read more

Ana Yao

Secondary Media Resources; Computational Thinking

Ana Yao is a Japanese-Brazilian. After growing up in Brazil she studied ... Read more

Noa Hilevitz

Primary Media Resources

Noa Hilevitz was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. She moved to Utrec... Read more

Paul Kemp


Paul Kemp is a Canadian who has been teaching music internationally (at ... Read more

Sacha Sukasam

Primary Visual Arts

Like many of his students Sacha Sukasam was brought up in an internat... Read more

Irene Rooks


Irene Rooks was born and raised in the Eastern part of the Netherlands. ... Read more

Karin Valk


Karin Valk was born and raised in Deventer, the Netherlands and is a mot... Read more

Nicole Boerma

Dutch; Student Support

Nicole Boerma has been teaching in Dutch primary schools since 2001. She... Read more

Anne Flynn

English Language Acquisition; Teaching Assistant

Anne Flynn spent most of her life in the Chicago area. She went to Unive... Read more

Helen Absalom

English Language Acquisition

Helen Absalom is entering her thirtieth year of teaching having taught a... Read more

Lucas den Engelsman

Student Support; English Language Acquisition

Lucas den Engelsman’s upbringing was international from the get-go... Read more

Jeroen Lamme

Physical Health Education; Subject Area Coordinator PHE

Jeroen Lamme was born and raised in the Netherlands, in Hilversum. After... Read more

Nick Bolhuis

Physical Health Education

Nick Bolhuis was born and raised in the Netherlands, in Culemborg. In th... Read more

Yasmin Bakker

Physical Health Education

Yasmin Bakker, though born in the United States, has an Indian mother an... Read more

Elzemiek Chell

Student Support Coordinator; School psychologist

Elzemiek Chell was born and raised in the Netherlands. Elzemiek started ... Read more

Katie Simmons

Student Support Specialist

Katie Simmons is an American who grew up outside of Philadelphia. While ... Read more