OpenApply enquiries

  • I have sent an enquiry via OpenApply a few days ago but have not yet heard back from the school. When will I hear news on my enquiry?

As soon as possible. Please check that we have space in the grades needed for your child.  Please always contact the school via the OpenApply portal. There are very busy times of the year (eg May-September), and during this time answering your query might take longer than the 5 working days the school normally aims for.

Compulsory school age and child care

  • What is the compulsory school age for children in the Netherlands?

The compulsory school age is 5 years old. Many families choose for their son or daughter to start school at the age of 4, however this is not compulsory.

  • I am looking for childcare as my daughter or son is not yet 4 years old. Does the school provide day care?

The school  offers  places to children who have had their  4th birthday. We do work closely with Kind&Co, a separate organisation that offers childcare to children under 4. Please contact them directly.

  • My child will need to have after school child care. Does the school arrange this?

After school care (in Dutch: BSO) and clubs can be arranged through the organisation Kind & Co and we ask you to contact them directly.

  • My child is not yet trained to use the toilet independently and still relies on diapers/nappies. Is he/she able to start at the ISUtrecht?

No, we require all students attending ISUtrecht  to be able to use the toilet independently.   

Tours for prospective Kindergarten students

  • Why can’t I book a tour for a prospective kindergarten student?

We have kindergarten information mornings throughout the year and these can be booked via the OpenApply website when available. However, if you live abroad and you are here for a short visit, please contact admissions through OpenApply.

School times primary

  • What time does school start and finish for primary?

Please find the school times for primary here.


  • Is the school open to all students?

Admission to Dutch International Schools is subject to conditions set in Dutch legislation.  Our school is required to adhere to the following eligibility criteria:

A. The student has a non-Dutch nationality/is a foreign passport holder and one of the parents/legal guardians is temporarily employed in the Netherlands.
B. The student has a Dutch nationality and has lived and attended school abroad for at least two years because one of the parents/legal guardians was stationed abroad.
C. The student has a Dutch nationality and has a parent/legal guardian (with whom the student will be living) who will be stationed abroad within two years and for at least two years. This is to be proved by a written statement of intent by parent or employer.
D. In addition: students from the Dutch educational system with a passing VWO 4 report, or HAVO diploma may apply for the Diploma Programme, grades 11 and 12. Students need to demonstrate sufficient fluency in English.

  • My child goes to a Dutch school but I am interested in International Education. Is she or he eligible for the school?

Dutch students whose parents have lived abroad with their parents for the last two years before returning to the Netherlands are eligible to apply to the school.

School bus

  • Is there a school bus?

No,  there is no school bus, but public transport in the city of Utrecht and surrounding areas is well organised.

Learning English

  • My child does not speak English – How will he or she cope?

Many students have a language other than English as their mother tongue. The school has a diverse student and teaching body, representing 45 different nationalities. All staff speak English and most are fluent in at least one other language.  ISUtrecht welcomes students with no English in the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Middle Years Programme (MYP).

In accordance with our whole language approach, English language learners who do not yet have the levels of English required to follow the curriculum are placed in the age appropriate, mainstream classroom with the other students. In this way, they are encouraged to work with their peers and participate in learning activities. To support them, they take part in the ELA (English Language Acquisition) programme and receive extra support from qualified staff on a regular basis.

ISUtrecht accepts that there is a transition period of up to 1 year and that in this time the student is given the time and space to transition mentally, emotionally and linguistically to the new environment – the actual time for this transition will vary from case to case. At the end of that transition period, if a student is still struggling significantly, then the class teacher and ELA support staff will discuss the necessity and/or provision of further support. Both in the PYP and MYP, English language support is kept dynamic in structure so it can adapt to the changes in the student body as a whole and to individual students’ needs. Please also look at the Language Acquisition page.

Application fee

  • Is the application fee refundable?

The application fee is non-refundable, It is a fee charged to contribute to the costs of the application process.

Bank Details

  • What are the bank details of the school?

Due to the governing structure of the ISUtrecht, the school has two separate bank accounts: one for primary (PYP) students and one for secondary (MYP/DP) students. The primary invoice will have Stichting Primair Onderwijs Utrecht (SPOUtrecht) as the sender, while the secondary invoice will come from Administratie NUOVO. Please note that if you have children in both primary and secondary, you will be paying school fees to two separate accounts.

  • For primary (PYP) students the bank account is: NL28RABO0182469549 (SPOUtrecht)
  • For secondary (MYP/DP) students the bank account is: NL04RABO0356552195 (NUOVO)


Bank Address:  Rabobank Utrecht, Beneluxlaan 31-33, 3526 KK Utrecht

All payments should clearly display the full name of the student and the parent names.