Expat Life

For most people moving to another country is absolutely great and completely terrifying at the same time.  However you feel though – confused, elated, worried or ecstatic, starting your expat life invariably comes with a long to-do list, ranging from finding a suitable place to live and a school for the children to figuring out where to buy your groceries, or finding a place to have your hair done.

Here to help is the ISUtrecht Parent Support Group. Dedicated PSG members provide a lifeline to new families, giving them all the information they need, whilst at the same time bringing them into contact with other parents at the school. The PSG also organises coffee mornings, excursions and other social events. (Look at our parents touring the Utrecht canals!)

Another really good port of call is the newly opened Expat Centre Utrecht, which is located in city hall. The centre is manned by Access, a long standing voluntary organisation that serves the international community in the Netherlands.

Of course you can also connect to other expats living in the Utrecht area through social media. There are for instance several blogs to be found on the internet about life in Utrecht from an expat perspective. There are also several facebook groups that you can subscribe to (Utrecht mamas; Utrecht expats/immigrants; Expats Utrecht). You can find the school’s parent community on facebook too. Please view Social Platform ISU.

The municipality of Utrecht has made a really good animated film about Utrecht, called This is Utrecht!

Foreign businesses

Foreign businesses interested in business locations in and around Utrecht are welcomed by Invest Utrecht. Invest Utrecht offfers: ‘ongoing support to help foreign-owned businesses thrive, we help you select the best real estate from our top business facilities, introduce you to potential partners and networks, and offer advice on important issues including incentives, permits, recruitment, tax, and legal matters’. Also here to help, inform and support is Utrecht City in Business, who consider Utrecht as the ‘Heart and Brains of the Netherlands’.

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