9 December 2020

News Bulletin 9 December 2020

Dear ISUtrecht community,

This is the last newsletter of 2020 and the newsletter in which we officially say goodbye to Rynette de Villiers (please watch the PYP goodbye song!) and welcome Marieke Folkers. Ms Folkers introduces herself in a short video (please find the link in this news bulletin). The students in KG Yellow took action, while the students in 1 Blue have been busy preparing for today’s winter celebration. The secondary Dutch team describes the different accents across the Netherlands and you can find out about a new platform that helps our DP students to bridge the gap between school and the future. Last but not least the musical At the End of the Day finally (finally!) sees the light. We hope you will all take the time to watch the filmed performance. Wishing you all a happy and healthy winter break!

09 December 2020 - Secondary

Biology is Life

At the beginning of each DP cycle, I begin with the etymology of the word ‘biology’ and bore students rigid by reminding them... Read more