30 September 2020

News Bulletin 30 September 2020

A news bulletin filled with student adventures! The MYP students took part in Culture and Creativity Week, the grade 5’s started their printmaking project, the DP 1’s had their first TOK lessons and the grade 6’s started learning Spanish. The PHE team explains why creativity and sports go together really well and Sarah Hempenstall (biology) tells you about the Biologie Olympiade her students will take part in. And last but not least, secondary librarian Eleanor Good celebrates “Banned Books Week” with both primary and secondary students. Please follow their endeavours on YouTube and Twitter.

30 September 2020 - Primary

Creativity in sports

The PHE department was very happy to contribute to this year’s school theme by organising a Sports day for MYP students during their... Read more

30 September 2020 - The Arts


The students in grade 5 are super excited about the printmaking project in their visual arts lessons. Especially since most of the students... Read more

30 September 2020 - Secondary

Biologie Olympiade

This October, registrations are open for the Nederlandse Biologie Olympiade. This national competition is intended to assess excellence in students in terms of... Read more