28 June 2019

News Bulletin 28 June 2019

In this issue of the newsletter you can find some lovely pictures of ArtBurst and an informative article about one of the ArtBurst workshops: the music labyrinth. Katharina Scherpel explains how Approaches to Learning form an important part of the PYP and Lourine Ikink-Karanja has asked kindergarten students from all the KG classes to reflect on their year. Students in grade 11 got a visitor from Tony’s Chocolonely who talked about social responsibility and last but not least: the ISU Chess Club won a silver cup in the national chess finals!

28 June 2019 - Community News

ArtBurst 2019

Another great edition of the annual ArtBurst festival. After a smashing opening (we actually managed to pack the whole school into the aula... Read more

28 June 2019 - The Arts

Music Labyrinth

Music teacher Juan Osorio designed a workshop entitled Music Labyrinth for the students in grade 2. They did this workshop as part of... Read more