23 April 2020

News Bulletin 23 April 2020

A newsletter with some very interesting articles for you to read over the May Break. School parents Oded and Erzs├ębet talk to you about how they are involved in the fight against COVID-19. Sacha Sukasam, our new visual arts teacher introduces himself (he started one week before the school closed!). The Spanish department explains why we all should learn Spanish and intern Hannah Burger writes about the grade 3 Earth Day activities. Helen Absalom tells you how she sees multilingualism in action on a daily basis through remote learning and the musical cast brings you some lovely performances from home. Finally, we’ve put all the #isutrechtwellbeing challenges into an article to give you some ideas for the May Break!

23 April 2020 - The Arts

Musical @home

It was a huge disappointment for the cast of the ISUtrecht production At the end of the Day. The cast, musicians, stage managers... Read more