26 May 2021

News Bulletin 26 May 2021

In this News Bulletin you will find articles about the DP geography students who went to the spectacular dune fields in Soest for some practical field work and the KG teachers who inform you about their recent professional development Ground Zero course on playful learning. The students in grade 2 tell you how they have been caring for small animals and you can find the presentation on language learning from two recent expert parent sessions in primary. The computational thinking team has been busy with an interesting project combining coding and home languages. They’ll show you in an interesting video. Families who have been with the school a bit longer know that this time of year normally means that we’re celebrating ArtBurst at the ISUtrecht. In this News Bulletin the ArtBurst team not only reveals the new theme, but will also tell you how we are going to celebrate ArtBurst together!