14 September 2021

News Bulletin 14 September 2021

A warm welcome (back) to the ISUtrecht. In this first issue of the bi-weekly news bulletin for 2021-22 you will find a welcome from Marieke Folkers, our head of school. You will also find the outline of the new MYP mathematics curriculum and the MYP e-Assessment results. The grade 5 classes visited  City Hall this week, where they played Democracity. Seasoned KG teacher Elvira Oskam explains how she builds routines in KG and last but not least, our inclusion team introduces not only themselves but also the brand new ‘Growing Friends’ programme.

14 September 2021 - Primary

Building routines in KG

Children like routines because they make their lives more predictable. Predictability gives children the assurance they need to feel confident, independent and ready... Read more