Raakhee Ramaija
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Raakhee Ramaija

Classroom Teacher Grade1B

Raakhee Ramaija grew up in Leicester in England and comes from a Hindu (Indian) family. Having been exposed only to the language of Gujarati from birth, she was very excited to learn English as a child. Her family believed that Raakhee should know her mother tongue fluently and all other languages around her would then be absorbed like a sponge and that is exactly what happened!

Raakhee has taught in a variety of schools from special needs to mainstream to language schools around the East and West Midlands in England. Having studied Psychology with English Literature as an undergraduate she has a lot of curiosity and interest into thoughts, actions and human behaviour. Her experience mainly consists with working with Early Years children and Raakhee feels great pride when her little friends make huge jumps with their progress independently.

Raakhee moved to the Netherlands in the summer of 2015 due to her husbands job and it is all very new and exciting to both of them to be living and working in Utrecht. ISUtrecht inspires Raakhee to teach in a new and dynamic way to help children shape their learning based on their interests and acquired knowledge.

Raakhee especially enjoys seeing different countries, cultures and taking part in different ways of living. The world is definitely her oyster and she is ‘├╝ber’ excited to share her new adventure with ISUtrecht.