Nicole Boerma
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Nicole Boerma

Dutch; Student Support

Nicole Boerma has been teaching in Dutch primary schools since 2001. She has a bachelor’s degree in primary education from the PABO (Pedagogische Academie voor het Basis Onderwijs). She also has a Master of Arts in Educational Sciences from the Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht. More recently Nicole got a master’s degree in Special Educational Needs from Fontys Hogeschool in Utrecht. Nicole teaches primary and secondary, Dutch Language Acquisition and Dutch Language and Literature. Nicole has been teaching at ISUtrecht since 2012.

At the start of the 2014-2015 school year, Nicole has an additional role within the school as an ‘Interne Begeleider’, or Learning Support Coordinator. In this role Nicole monitors progress of students to provide support as necessary. The Learning Support Coordinator engages the services of outside school professionals and Dutch institutions to support students.