Lilia Myszkowska
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Lilia Myszkowska

Mathematics; Approaches to Learning

Lilia Myszkowska was born and raised in Bulgaria, in one of the oldest capital cities in Europe, Sofia. She moved to the Netherlands in 2007 to pursue further studies in Amsterdam and since 2015 resides with her husband and two-year old daughter in Utrecht.

Lilia has become a global citizen as her Bulgarian and Austrian roots have started to blend with the international environment she works and lives in and so this opened up a whole new horizon and appreciation of the world.

Lilia enjoys posing questions and encouraging the students to discover and challenge mathematical truths. Problem-solving situations where students have an opportunity to become more resilient, critical, creative and curious are also part of the daily routines. She believes that learners need to have opportunities to make connections. So what is the link between the ancient cities Utrecht and Sofia? The circle is now complete.

Back to the main point, since 2011 Lilia has dedicated her professional life of a Maths teacher to IB world schools in the Netherlands. Meanwhile she also works for the The International Baccalaureate as quality curriculum reviewer for MYP believing that this service is meant for a community where we strive for excellence, ongoing development and we learn from each other.

Besides researching the merits of realistic mathematics education and reflecting on how to create a culture of thinking for her students, Lilia enjoys spending her free time with family and friends. Ideally this would involve an activity at the seaside, or doing some sports (tennis, swimming, skiing or dancing tango). She also recently joined a book club where she challenges her Dutch knowledge and skills.

(Answer: Both cities could be considered to be the very centres of …)