Kostis Papadopoulos
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Kostis Papadopoulos

Leader of IT Systems; Mathematics

Kostis Papadopoulos was born in the Netherlands and brought up in Greece in a bilingual family. After studying Physics and Climate Physics in Greece, Sweden and the Netherlands he completed U-TEAch, the international teacher training at the Utrecht University and successfully obtained a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership.

Prior to his appointment at International School Utrecht, Kostis taught for 9 years Mathematics and Physics in IB schools in the Netherlands. During this time, he also held various positions regarding the planning and organisation as well as leading the development of information technology systems and implementing IT solutions in international schools.

Kostis started working at ISUtrecht in August 2019 in the role of leader of IT Systems – Management and Development. Besides this role, Kostis is also developing the timetable of the school and teaching Mathematics in the Diploma Programme.

Off work, Kostis enjoys travelling with his wife and two young children, practicing one of the four languages they speak at home.