Ilona Smolders
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Ilona Smolders

Dutch; Subject Area Coordinator Language & Literature

lona Smolders was born in Valkenswaard, in the South of the Netherlands. She moved to Utrecht to study Dutch Language & Culture and was able to combine her studies with her passion for travelling and culture. She finished her Dutch bachelor in Berlin, where she also taught at the Freie Universität.

After working in a MBO school and travelling through Asia, Ilona decided to get her degree and finished the international honours programme at Utrecht University, U-TEAch. She carried out research on the Dutch island of Sint Maarten, where she also taught Dutch literature at a havo/vwo school.

In 2018, Ilona joined the International School Utrecht after teaching for almost three years. She teaches primary Dutch as well as Dutch Language and Literature and Dutch Language Acquisition in MYP and DP. Ilona is also a DP mentor.

Ilona enjoys cooking, travelling and skiing and currently lives with her boyfriend and her cat in Utrecht.