Geertje van Hal
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Geertje van Hal

Chemistry; Exam Coordinator

After finishing UTEAch, the international teacher training track at Utrecht University, Geertje van Hal worked as a chemistry teacher in a Dutch secondary school in Amsterdam. After a year of working in this school she became the Science Coordinator and thus got involved in the internationalisation programme offered by the school.

Geertje started teaching at ISUtrecht in August 2016. In her first year she taught all MYP science lessons and DP Chemistry. When she took on the role of Leader of Diploma Years in August 2017 she reduced her teaching load. Currently she is only teaching DP Chemistry which she loves doing. As to be expected of a Chemistry teacher experiments are Geertje’s favourite lesson format and she attempts to incorporate as many, small and big, experiments into her lessons as physically possible.

In her role as Leader of Diploma Years Geertje has supported the first two cohorts of students and staff through the May examinations. In the coming year she will focus on consolidating the mentor and core programmes for the diploma students.

When not experimenting Geertje can often be found in her kitchen cooking elaborate meals to relax her mind.