Elzemiek Chell
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Elzemiek Chell

Student Support Coordinator; School psychologist

Elzemiek Chell was born and raised in the Netherlands.

Elzemiek started at ISUtrecht as the school psychologist in March 2019. After finishing her academic training at the Radboud University of Nijmegen, she started her career as an educational psychologist in Dutch mainstream education and worked in education ever since.

As a qualified and registered general (remedial) educationalist / educational psychologist (NVO Orthopedagoog-Generalist) she is experienced in supporting students, as well as their parents and teachers, in both English and Dutch throughout the primary and secondary year groups. As a professional Elzemiek is also an active member of the association of educationalists/ educational psychologists in The Netherlands (www.nvo.nl).

Outside school Elzemiek enjoys singing, cooking and sewing.