Carren Ward
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Carren Ward

Classroom Teacher KG Red, KG White, PYP Teaching Coach

Carren Ward has been living happily in the Netherlands with her family for a number of years. She was born and raised in California and has taught at various primary schools for over 10 years.

When first coming to the Netherlands Carren started teaching at the International Primary School Hilversum. At International Primary School Hilversum Carren started working in the Kindergarten 2 classroom and absolutely loved it. This was her first experience teaching the little ones, as Carren was accustomed to teaching the upper primary grades.

Teaching Early Years really spoke to Carren’s heart. The challenge of making a subject come to life in a playful manner and having the children identify with what is being learned is something that Carren loves doing and has been doing ever since.

When the International School Utrecht first opened Carren was thrilled, as it allowed her to start teaching again close to home, after taking some time off to raise her two children.

As PYP teaching coach Carren provides active and dynamic leadership and support for both new and experienced faculty alike.