Andrea Romero
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Andrea Romero


Andrea Romero was born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia where she spent her childhood. Later on, she moved to Sucre where she obtained her first Bachelor’s degree in English Teaching. After completion of her studies, she studied an extra semester in Joliet, IL. (Saint Francis University, 2008) where she could  learn more about teaching in a diverse society.  Furthermore, studying in an international atmosphere provided her the communicative and supportive skills she currently applies in the classroom. While living in America, her motivation to work in the international education was increased.

Andrea has been working as an English and Spanish teacher since 2009. She has worked at Language Schools, an American Language Center among others and has had all ages and different nationalities students which has helped her to develop a sense of relatedness and empathy that she would like to see reflected in every lesson.  In 2013 she left Bolivia again to pursue further studies in the Netherlands and to reunite with her Dutch husband Chiel.

In the Netherlands, Andrea has been working with her own company teaching Spanish and English to people from 7 to 60+. Moreover, she has almost finished two more Bachelor degrees; Teacher in Education in English and Spanish at the Hogeschool Utrecht. Thanks to these studies, Andrea has gained ample and updated experience in applying appropriate teaching and assessment methodologies in the classroom.  At the same time, she has been following traineeships at different Dutch schools to learn more about the educational system in the Netherlands and it has helped her to further improve her technological and innovative skills. Her ambition to designing and developing educational objectives to fit every student’s needs, has taken her to develop a great amount of material she would like to use and further develop at the ISUtrecht.

During her free time, Andrea enjoys dancing, singing and traveling around. She also loves to go back to Bolivia during the holidays to visit her family and friends.