Amaya Menendez
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Amaya Menendez

Chemistry; Geography

Amaya Menendez was born in Madrid, Spain and has a PhD in Geochemistry. She has lived and done scientific research in several European cities, such as Madrid, Copennhagen (Denmark) and Southampton (UK). Her research career has taken her to some amazing remote places, from the crater of the Ruapehu volcano in New Zealand, to the middle of the central-western Pacific Ocean.
Alongside her PhD research in the University of Southampton, Amaya supported the training of undergraduate and MSc students, where she discovered the fun and challenges of teaching. Once finished with her research, she has decided to return to education to teach MYP Science and Chemistry and DP Geography.
In her spare time Amaya balances the hectic teaching environment with getting loston her bike in the forest and mountains (not really in the Netherlands). She also likes travelling and singing!