Student Support

At ISUtrecht we aim to create a stimulating learning environment in which everyone feels at home (ISUtrecht Mission Statement). We believe that all children and young people are entitled to an education that enables them to make progress so that they can achieve their best, become confident individuals making a successful transition into adulthood.

In our diverse and dynamic school community, we welcome differences between the students, and we make sure to meet their individual educational needs.

Student support begins within the classroom with teachers (primary) and mentors (secondary). Our team of competent teachers and mentors ensure quality teaching, plan differentiated lessons and form the link between school and home.

Multi-tiered approach

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Some students need more than differentiated support in the classroom. When teachers identify additional educational needs, the teacher, together with the student support team can offer supplementary services and interventions. The student support team support students’ ability to learn and teachers’ ability to teach.

A collaborative circle of support

The ISUtrecht student support team is composed of:

  • the student support coordinator;
  • year level student support specialists;
  • the school psychologist and
  • the careers counselor.

Across the continuum, the team offers consultation with teachers, observation, in-class support or small group support as well as individual academic support. The student support team works closely together with the English Language Acquisition team.Next to this, the school psychologist offers individual and small group counseling to meet the additional social-emotional needs of our students.

The school’s student support team works closely together with community partners. For instance, when we need the expertise of a speech therapist or a family counsellor. Depending on the needs of the student and the family, we can for instance involve our school doctor, school nurse, family counsellors from the Buurtteam or inclusion consultants from the Samenwerkingsverband.

How we work

To proactively address the academic, behavioural and social-emotional needs of the students, ISUtrecht uses a comprehensive approach to student support, based on the following guiding principles:

  • Student-centred – focus on the best interest of every student;
  • Needs-based – responsive to the needs and strengths of every student;
  • Prevention- oriented – focus on early detection and intervention;
  • Results-focused and systematic– based on proven practices and aimed at positive results;
  • Collaborative and transparent– parents, teachers, students and others work together to develop appropriate and purposeful programmes for teaching and learning for all students;
  • Culturally responsive – reflective of and responsive to student diversity;
  • Equitable – provides students with access to the supports they need to be successful.

From Kindergarten through grade 12 our mission is to identify and remove barriers to learning in order to educate children and teenagers with a diverse range of learning abilities and backgrounds.

Helplines for teenagers and parents

In the Netherlands there are various helplines students and their parents could call, should they want to speak to someone outside of school about psychological or psychosocial issues or issues relating to alcohol, drugs and addictive behaviours. All the organisations listed can be contacted in English and their websites provide a wealth of information.

Headlice prevention

Help my child has headlice – What should I do?
Headlice are very common, and anyone in close contact with another infected person can catch them. They can be a problem for students of all ages. 
ISUtrecht advises the following to really keep on top of the problem

  • Check regularly – The best way to keep lice at bay is by being alert and regular combing and checking.
  • Due to Covid limitations, we will no longer have parent volunteers helping the school with this right now, so even more need for your help. 
  • Inform your class teacher
  • Come to school as usual
  • Comb for two weeks 

The following video can be helpful in guiding you to know how to comb. Please read the  English translation of the Dutch public heath guidelines on headlice. Please follow these guidelines, and the Parent Support Group will be reminding you  at regular intervals throughout the school year. 

More information


ISUtrecht Student Support Policy
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