Personal Project

The personal project is a culminating Middle Years Programme (MYP) project to develop the student’s personal interest and to show and apply the skills, which are developed through the MYP’s Approaches to Learning. This project is based on the student’s interests and talents, resulting in a product or outcome. The project is a year-long project, which begins inĀ  grade 9 and ends in grade 10.

The personal project has a principled action, which means the students make choices that extend beyond their MYP learning.

Principled action includes:

  • Developing an area of personal interest beyond the normal subjects
  • Sharing new information and understanding with teachers, friends & family
  • Changing the students’ behaviours in response to their learning and realising they can make a difference through the decisions they make and the things they do
  • The process of reflection in which students reflect regularly and record what they learned an how this has impacted their attitudes, behaviours, questions, actions and decisions

For more information, please view the Personal Project Guide