Guidance & Support

ISUtrecht has a personalised approach to learning, and this is achieved through our communicative and proactive staff and a well-designed support structure.

Admission to ISUtrecht is inclusive and we admit students with mild to moderate learning needs, in such cases that the school feels confident that it can provide optimally for the student’s care and education, without negatively impacting the safety or learning experience of other enrolled students.  Once a student is accepted to the school, the staff are committed to guide and assist the student with any learning difficulties, where possible, to ensure equal access to the curriculum. For more information, please view the Learning Support Policy at the bottom of this page.

Student Support Coordinator

The support structure is designed to provide support to students with learning, socio-emotional and medical needs. Secondary Student Support Coordinator (SCC), Josie Galemmo, frequently meets with mentors and teachers, ensuring the school has a responsive approach to individual students.

The secondary SSC endeavours to monitor and support students with difficulties.  This role includes:

  • overseeing all support (learning, socio-emotinal and medical needs) within the school
  • coordinating the student mentors
  • supporting mentors and teachers in helping students with more complex issues
  • liaising with parents, external professionals and teachers
  • ensuring that agreements are being carried out
  • ensuring the expectations of the school are communicated clearly to parents and students
  • ensuring accurate record keeping

School Psychologist

The SCC works in close collaboration with Elzemiek Chell, our school psychologist. Ms Chell can where necessary advise the SSC on support strategies. She also provides direct support and interventions to students (individual or in small groups) and consults with teachers and families. Together with the SSC she collaborates with community providers to coordinate needed services.

Helplines for teenagers and parents

In the Netherlands there are various helplines students and their parents could call, should they want to speak to someone outside of school about psychological or psychosocial issues or issues relating to alcohol, drugs and addictive behaviours. All the organisations listed can be contacted in English and their websites provide a wealth of information.

Concerns Procedure

When a problem arises, the secondary SSC is notified and ISUtrecht’s concerns procedure begins, if applicable. This procedure is comparable with the Dutch cycle of Handelingsgericht Werken; and it is a whole programme (MYP, DP) process, which includes the teachers, SSC, ELA specialist, leadership, and parents.

The SSC is linked to many outside school services (professionals, Dutch agencies) to support the students. Additionally, the SSC is linked to a school counsellor, who is the school’s specialist advisor. The school counsellor advises the SSC, advises on testing procedures and also prepares recommendations for support.


Mentors are also an integral part of student support. All secondary students will be assigned a mentor who will provide pastoral support. The mentors’ duties include:

  • monitoring well-being
  • monitoring attendance
  • monitoring academic progress
  • communicating with parents and staff regarding any issues
  • providing socio-emotional guidance through mentor lessons
  • providing the daily essentials (lockers, schedules, etc.)

If parents have any general questions regarding their child’s progress the mentor would be the initial contact person. If there are subject specific questions, the subject teacher is contacted.

Social Wellness

The ISUtrecht social wellness policy clearly demonstrates that the school community does not accept bullying at ISUtrecht and will tackle any bullying issues by predefined steps and actions. Please also view the Alcohol and Drugs Protocol and the Reporting Code for Child Abuse and Domestic Violence.


ISUtrecht Learning Support Policy
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