Our Career Counselling programme offers career guidance to students from grade 9 to grade 12 and is led by two career counsellors. Thomas Middleton focuses on grades 9 and 10 and the transition into post-MYP options. This includes DP subject choices. Kelly Murray provides career guidance in DP 1 and 2 and supports the university application process.

We help our community of students and parents by providing dedicated careers lessons, workshops, information sessions and personal meetings.

In grade 9 we focus on:

  • Introduction to career counselling, its relevance and link to the Approaches to Learning.
  • Third Culture Kids and different educational pathways.
  • Identifying interests, skills, and strengths through an interactive programme.
  • Different learning styles, personality types and multiple intelligences that help students narrow down career options that match their personality and intellectual preference.

In grade 10 we focus on:

  • The relevance of the different educational pathways: DP, CP, MBO & national curriculums
  • Linking university courses and career options to educational pathways and specific DP subject choice packages.
  • Connecting interests, skills, and strengths identified in grade 9 to university courses and career options.
  • Offering orientation activities such as: Information evenings for students and parents, Student-led presentations on life in CP/DP & DP Shadow week.

In DP 1 (grade 11) we focus on:

  • Exploring learning and teaching styles at university
  • CV Writing
  • Matching subject packages to courses
  • Researching Universities that suit our students’ needs in NL and abroad, researching funding requirements
  • Creating LinkedIn accounts
  • Presentations from ISUtrecht alumni
  • Individual meetings/group meetings for students applying abroad
  • Planning applications timelines

In DP 2 (grade 12) we focus on:

  • Writing personal statements/motivation letters
  • Money management and taxation
  • How to accept/reject offers
  • Finding accommodation
  • Presentations from ISUtrecht alumni
  • How to build professional connections via LinkedIn

Where did our last 2 cohorts of graduates go?

Most of our students from our last two cohorts (May 2021 and May 2020) chose to go to university in the Netherlands. In this sheet we have split out their university courses in 6 main categories: business, science and engineering, humanities, law, medical sciences and social sciences. This list tells you exactly which universities our the students from the May 2021 cohort went to and what courses they chose.


Contact Information:

You can also find the team on Instagram: @careers_isutrecht.