At ISUtrecht we believe that the true purpose of assessment is to guide the planning and instruction to support and enhance student learning, rather than to simply generate a grade.

Assessment is integral to all teaching and learning.  It is central to the goal of thoughtfully and effectively guiding students through the five essential elements of learning:

  • acquisition of knowledge
  • understanding of concepts
  • mastering of skills
  • development of attitudes
  • decision to take action

Both students and teachers should be actively engaged in assessing the students’ progress, in both formative and summative formats, as to develop wider critical thinking and self-evaluation skills.

The aims of assessment are to promote student centred learning, to provide information about individual student learning, tracking student progress, and to contribute to the evaluation of the effectiveness of the programme.

Subject-specific criteria for evaluating students

All subjects should assess against each objective at least twice in a school year to provide appropriate feedback on the reports. There are two terms per school year.

Formative and summative assessments

Both formative and summative assessments have a place in the MYP. Formative assessments provide information to the teachers and students to modify teaching and learning activities. Summative assessments summarise the development of the learner. All assessments should be marked against the criteria.


In line with the other Dutch International Schools, the ISUtrecht offers  IB MYP external eAssessments in a number of subjects. Students will receive an internationally recognised IB MYP certificate in May 2021.

Reporting Progress of Students

Students’ progress will be reported four times per year, as follows:

  • November:  Progress report, reporting a predicted final grade and written comments, followed by parent, mentor, student meetings
  • January: Mid-term report, reporting against all criteria, providing a final grade for the term and written comments
  • February: Parent subject teacher student meetings
  • April: progress report, reporting a predicted final grade and written comments
  • July: Final report, reporting against all criteria, providing a final grade for the year and written comments

Please note that MYP students will participate in student-led conferences in June.

Midterm and Final Assessments

Midterm and final assessments will be given in the MYP.  The rationale for giving the assessments is to make the students accountable for the content and skills taught during the school year, teaching them study skills for large amounts of content, which will prepare them for the MYP and DP summative assessments.

For more information please view the ISUtrecht Assessment Policy, Academic Honesty Policy and Promotion Criteria, which can be found on the policies page.