School Life

School Attendance & Compulsory Education

Students are expected to be on time for all lessons and appointments. When a student is absent due to illness or another legitimate reason, parents are requested to contact the school between 8.00 – 8.30 the same day via the school app or by sending an email to, stating the full name and class of your child, and the reason for absenteeism.

Under Dutch law, parents are required to register their child at a school and ensure attendance. This applies to all children ages 5 and above living in the Netherlands.  Requests for additional special leave beyond the official 12 weeks holiday can only be considered once in a school year, with a limit of 10 school days. Permission can only be granted under specific conditions and after an official application for leave has been submitted by the parents.

Extraordinary Leave

There are strict guidelines that need to be adhered to and only for very significant circumstances is the head of school able to grant permission for leave outside the 12-week holiday period. Should you need to apply for extraordinary leave, collect and submit a ‘request for extraordinary leave form’ from the school office. Please be aware the request should be made at least 4 weeks in advance of the requested dates.

Leerplicht Ambtenaar

Should parents take their children out of school without permission, the school has the legal obligation to report this to the Leerplicht Ambtenaar (school attendance officer), who, in most cases takes legal action.

For further information, please view the municipality website: